Monday, February 8, 2010

Mommy and Son Play Date 2/6/2010

This past weekend - I hosted (along with with help from friends - THANK YOU!) a mommy and son Valentine's Play Date get-together.
Weather called for temps in the 55 degree mark - so I thought PERFECT!
We got hotdogs to grill, and other mommas brought things to share as well! I also went out and got sugar cookies for the kiddos to decorate and Valentine's for them to create for their loves, (us moms!)
Lighting the grill was a task in a half (I didnt and have never lit a grill before) BUT we did get it lit and got the dogs grilled!
The temps were NOT 55 degrees! It was a lot colder, forcing us who had them to grab blankets out the cars and wrap up in them. Most of the boys were too busy playing to actually notice how cold it was outside. We did manage to get the cookies decorated before everyone determined it was just too cold out side to stay any longer.
I sent the kiddos home with the pictures of them and their mom, and the valentine for them to create at home in the warm!

Had the temps not been so low I think it all went perfect! We had a good turn out! And the boys played great together!

We had some lovely cupcakes made by Angelena! Check her out she is FANTASTIC!

I am thinking on having another one closer to Easter - and chances are the temps will be a lot better!
I want to thank everyone who came and brought things and helped out!
I couldnt have done this with out you ladies!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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