Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jack Carter Pool (Plano)

Today we went to Jack Carter pool in Plano. It is about 5 miles from my house, a few ladies from the mom board were going, I wasnt sure I would be there when they were there because I had things to do. But I went and it was just Michael and me. We had a great time! Michael had so much fun, he is the one who told me he wanted to go home! He was hungry and tired :) That was a first! It wasnt even like he had a horriable time either, i think he had such a good time that he was just pooped out from it all, esp the sun and the pool alone makes you tired! I am hoping for a good nights sleep for the two of us!


Rachel Ray Dunkin Donut commercial?

Did you find this offensive? Because of the scarf? when i saw it, I wasnt sooo not paying more attention to what was around her neck! like really? Are we nit picking a scarf that looks like a head dress? Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People really need a life! This world is so messed up, you cant do something in fear of offending people so you yank a commercial? Or for fear of getting a lawsuit filed against you, or anything! ughhhh People make me sick sometimes!

Wellll maybe they yanked it because that scarf looked retarded on her especially with the shirt she was wearing, she would have looked better with out it anyway, and considering the back drop is a spring theme, who wears scarfs in spring time that heavy? Please RR needs a new fashion person!

Sex and the City Movie

Was so great! I loved it! And I am with out a doubt seeing it more then once :)
I love the ending so much and I heard that they left the script with an opening so that if they wanted to pick up another movie they could (but I doubt they would - but it WOULD be awesome if they did)
All the rumors I was hearing about the movie ALL were false (thank God!)
And I did not at all think Mr Big was a bad guy through out the movie no matter what happened (I felt bad for him some what) Talk to me about it AFTER you have seen the movie as I dont want to spoil it for those who have not seen it!

I give it as many stars as I can possiably give this movie! I am a big fan and only fans can really appriciate this movie for its greatness!

If you are just a movie critic and you have not followed these girls from beginning to end you just wont get it! No doubt this movie will top the box office!

New PINK phone to go with new PINK laptop!

Yeap you read correctly :) Mike was asking me things about my cell phone, like where the book was to it and things like me not thinking just told him, oh it is here, or Ill get it. Then he was at his computer for a minute I thought he had my phone messing with it, but he comes over and hands me a PINK RZR phone, it has flowers on it! Annnnd he programed the Sex and the City ring tone in it! Yipppie!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Michael @ Classmates Bday Party :)

Michael was invited to a classmate's birthday party on Saturday :) She actually moved here and started school 1 day before Michael did...and she is from VA! And it is Loudon County I believe (or it may be Sterling - all I know is that it was from around the same area) how cool! So we go to this place called Adventure Landing, they have mini golf, Bumber Boats, Go karts, and tons of Viedo games (we all know how much Michael loves them video games!)
we got there and I asked Michael what this little girl looks like and he said she looked like Dora! LoL So here I am looking for a little girl who looked like Dora :) Then I hear someone say Michael's name it was her :)
A few of his classmates showed up, which was cool because I was able to meet some of the other parents of the kids Michael goes to school with :) His "Best Buddy" Christopher was there too and I met his mommy. His teacher told us about him and Christopher being together alll the time.
There was also another little boy there and man he was funny! I could totally see him on the movie screen some day!
over all Michael had a blast it was fun!
Here are some pics of this event :)

annnd here is Micahel and the bday girl (who looks like Dora) hehe

Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Glasses :)

Yeah it was about time for some new ones, I had some back home but one night as my brother lay sleeping on the floor in my living room, managed to some how knock my glasses off of my end table and rolled over on em, soo I had to revert back to my ANCIENT pair which were really messed up! Wait I dont even think they were mine! hahaha I think they were Mikes!!!!!!!!!!!!! But we have close to the same eye issues, so I could see out his fine...But anyway LOL yeah....I have issues...well I got new ones! YAY ME!

Take a look and tell me what you think because frankly all mine were like a thin rim frame, and I was always too scared to go this route.

These are the First pair that I picked out - they are a purple frame :)

these ones the lady at the eyemasters helped me pick out...I wasnt sure about em tell me what you think?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I have always heard this bird call, and I never knew what is was from...I thought at one point it was a bug, those ones that come out only so many years...but I was wrong...then I thought maybe it was an owl...welllll I was in my bedroom today and I heard it, coah cooo cooo coo....Here is a link to the sound if you want to hear what I am talking about...

anywhoo I looked out my window and there is a pine tree of some sort and I didnt hear anything, and this sounded like this thing was in my I went outside and looked at my window and I saw it! It was a bird, what kind of bird? Well I thought it was a pigeon, it was gray..but after searching the wide world web...I found it was a mourning dove...on my window sill! And it was just sitting there not moving. But this time I snapped 2 pics, and Mike pulled up, so Michael started makeing noise and this bird was still pearched on the ledge of our window sill!

I wonder if it is a lucky sign or something?

but then again I dont know, Mourning (isnt that what you do when you are sad because someone passed?)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Celebration Park - Allen, TX

We were told about this cool park in Allen, TX...It is callled celebration Park...So cool!
It has awesome water spouts, and things that spray out water. I have been to one before in VA, but they seem to be all over here in Texas. which is cool!

This park also has a play area within feet from the spouts, a basketball court and a pond. Fields, and shaded places to have a picnic! I was thinking it would be awesome to have a get together for Michael's 6th birthday party!

Here are some pics...hope you enjoy!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Addition to the House

I am super excited we have a new addition to our home (thank you Nicole from DAM!) She had gotten a puppy and we giving it away- she is named lola and she is a mini beagle! Michael saw her and said she looked like a Cookie and wanted to call her Cookie...sooo...Cookie it is! (by the way she is supposed to be a chocolate Chip cookie LOL) that is what Michael said anyway! So here she is! 12 weeks old! I love her already!

My NEW Laptop!

I am super excited about the New laptop Mike got me!!! It is PINK! and I love it :) I have not been able to get on it yet Mike has to transfer all my things from this computer on my new one! I am very excited!!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Strip Clubs Everywhere

Okay so I guess there may be other places with as many strip clubs as this place, but I have never seen em. I mean they even have billboards on the main highways advertising them. Back home I am used to MVC (adult store) and the windows being blacked out - but here they have em every where and you can see in it! I mean they even have displays in their windows! I work in Dallas, about 5 minutes from Dallas Staduim...and well there are stripper supply stores, and about 10 strip clubs within walking distance from my job! So I decided to take pics LOL I always find a reason to flick a picture. I am not done taking pics of all of em - but here are SOME of them...LOL

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Michael's Student of the week project

Soooo Michael was picked as star student of the week (I posted about it before) well we worked on his poster yesterday, and here it is! Tell me what you think, although it wasnt MY project I was left to work on it alone - well Michael added the stars...but it was fun!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother's Day Early

So Michael steps off the bus today with a brown paper bag and a orange folder, type thing. It was my Mother's Day gifts he made for me at school! Super excited I got a plant :) He said it is a Sunflower and Poison Ivy??????????????? But uhm I doubt it is poison it is PROBALLY just Ivy :) hehehehe :)
My orange enevelope type deal ended up having a book/card Michael made for me :) I love it, only thing is I hope that I dont kill the plant! Because the Stawberry plant is clearly RIP! I dont know what went wrong!

Dublin Dr Pepper YUM

I have always liked Dr Pepper and if you know me you know that I love that drink!
I was chatting up with a co-worker about Coke from Mexico and I miss it! They use real sugar cane instead of corn syrup in it. Welll She mentioned it was similar to Dublin Dr Pepper...uhh...what is that??????
Well some concept, it is the original Dr Pepper reciepe, and only is made in Dublin, Texas and can only be sold within a 50 mile radius of the first Dr Pepper plant. Of course people can order it online and get it shipped to them, but they wouldnt be able to find it in a store. So I bought some! I must say I have not truely experienced REAL Dr Pepper until I popped open a can of this Dublin Dr Pepper.

I checked out the Dr Pepper website and also found out the Dr Pepper is turning 117...I think...well the point is they are having a birthday celebration in June! They (for a whole week) change Dublin to Dr Pepper, texas...they take down all the DUBLIN city signs and replace them with Dr Pepper. Cool! Then they have FREE DUBLIN Dr Pepper the whole time and a HUGE giant cake to share. It is basically like a carnival and all proceeds will go to charity! How great this Dr Pepper company is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I will have to say all my friends back home watch in the mail because I will be sending a can of this to yall to try! I cant hog it to myself knowing you all have been ripped off this whole time by not having REAL DR Pepper!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hehehehe I love it!

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to our Blog - hope you enjoy reading about my boring life :) Also click the ad to earn me some Mula :)

Awe aint we cuteee

Awe aint we cuteee

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