Saturday, September 13, 2008

Flying Fish :) YUMM

I had to blog about this place because I think it is fantastic! I thought they only had one location but I just looked on the website and there is one or two closer to me which means I dont have to travel all into Dallas to get some grub from them!


It is the best place EVER and the decor is awesome too!

I have only gotten the oysters from there but they are oooh sooo goood!

Maybe since there is one close by I can try some other things!

A BIG PLUS they have grilled selections too!

Update on Michael's First Spelling Test

Upon days of practicing...he was getting all the words right...well he brought home the spelling test and only got 6/10 right! He wrote MEN instead of MAN, PEN instead of PAN and so on and so forth.

I dont understand he had them all right at home, and I even had him spell the words that morning when he was at the bus stop.

This week's spelling words all end in ACK...he has gotten them all right so far so good. Hoping that THIS test he gets 10/10 right!

Prayers needed please :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike

As many of you have contacted me to see if I am okay here in Texas...I am fine, we are okay...they are saying that we are in the hurricane's path but then I watched a forecast today and it seems to be curving over to the east. We will get maybe some high wind gusts and rain but not nearly as much as they are saying on some of the computer modules. Which is good for us but not for others in Texas. We will be praying for everyone in Galveston and Houston and anyone else in the Hurricane's path.

We are in Dallas, please when looking at the news know where we are, and know that we are okay...if anything else should happen I will keep you all updated.

As for now, the weather is hot and muggy...I feel like I am in VA with this humidity!

But apparently after this storm passes we will have nice cool weather. Which is good :)

I just pray that everything will be okay for us!

Everyone right now keeps talking about stocking up and we have not gone to the store, Mike doesnt think we have anything to worry about.

We shall see!

9/13 11:53am -

I was expecting to wake up to TONS of rain and wind...well it is wet outside, and a little bit windy. Nothing to make me worry. So they are saying it will start picking up a little later on.

I am now watching news on TV about the Galveston and Houston area, they are trashed. They are showing people in clearlake and down there, and I guess it all happened early this morning or last night.

Here in Dallas, well we are okay for now, just wet and it is not raining now but we will see what later on brings.

Still praying for those who were injured. I think they have 1 death I heard which was a little boy who was hit by a tree limb or something.

I am 28 years old!

Sept. 11th...hmmm...what can I say about this day? Well I USED to be able to say it was my birthday and that was all I knew it for. The day I was born into this world.
Now, I say it is my birthday and everyone stops and tells me how they remember the Sept. 11th attacks, how it would suck to have a birthday to share a day with a tragedy so on and so forth. Yes...while it is my birthday and it was before the attacks took place, it still sucks celebrating the birth of myself or the birth of any life on this tragic day.
All in all while people are moarning and going to rememberance ceromonies, I am celebrating my life here.
Sad sad sad. I still think every day about the people's lifes lost and I pray that something of that extremeness never happens to USA again!
What an awful thing to have done and so cowardly done too!

I am very greatful to all my family and friends who remembered my birthday :)

Thank you!

I did get some VERY PRETTY flowers from DR HOUSE! Well not really but that is what the card said LOL

They are really from my BFF Liz! I love her! She is the BEST EVER!

I also got some good smelling candles from Galena, John and their kiddies. (for those who dont know John is my son's uncle - who is married to Galena making her my son's Aunt, and their kids of course are my son's Cousins.)

I also got a STARBUCKS gift card from Michael's grandmother Angie! Which I put to good use and will continue next week LOL

I did get my cake from Beth and had dinner with my friends the night before. And a card with everyone writing something in it!

Thank you again everyone! I am just happy knowing people remembered enough to say Happy Birthday to me then anything else!

So here's to 28!

Olive Garden (9/10)

Today I planned on going to Olive Garden with some friends I met through it was Splurge night!

Michael ended up getting sick the night before and I didnt want him to get sick again and chance it, and also the funds I didnt have.

So I changed my post on the event to no, I wasnt going to make it.

Well I get an IM from Miss Beth *she is so sweet* and she said she had made me a cake :(

Awe now I felt bad, I need to go no matter what!

So I called Mike told him I needed to get some money, and he let me!

So off Michael and I went to Olive Garden. We got caught in the rain! And BOY DID IT RAIN!

I could hardly see and I had to drive really slowly!

Finally we got in (Soaked) but we were there :)

It was a good turn out :)

I was thankful to Beth and Brandie they are VERY sweet people and good friends!

Beth's cake was YUMMMMMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cake before:

Cake After:

Check it out on her blog....

I DID get a free (extra) dish of the pasta I got!

How you ask? Well I asked the guy to box what I had left of my pasta (which was like half) anyway he never comes back with my to go box, but everyone elses LOL

So when he came with the checks...I asked where it was, he threw it away!

So they made me a fresh one to take home! LOL

But it was a really nice evening with friends and our kids :)

Thank you to my friends :)

And The dinner was also for Brandie and Beth cause they worked hard to get where they are today and let me tell you they look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

way to go girls :)

Enjoy these Pics from the evening:

Don't I look like a deer caught in a headlight LOL

Boys just wanna have fun!

Per Brandie's Blog "How many mother's does it take to light candles on a cake" LOL

Michael was messing with Miss Brandie :) He is such a ladies man

Michael playing with my camera, what a face LOL

Brandie's 'lil man D :) SO CUTE!

Group Shot...Michael was the camera man He did a good job Huh?

Beth's'lil man Micha - he is such a good 'lil guy :)

Galena and Z...Z was sticking up his middle finger...he was but not because he was saying "F*ck you" He was showing us something on it LOL

Boys just wanna have Olive Garden!

I had a nice night out, Thank you ladies! And thank you for the birthday card and birthday wishes :)

LUV YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Michael's Fisrt Spelling Test

Today is Michael's first Spelling test! Last week he brought home his First grade agenda. Which included occassional home work and weekley spelling words he needs to practice at home to prepare for spelling tests on fridays!

This weeks' words came home Tuesday since Monday was a holiday.

They took the Beginning of the week PRE test which he did miss a few words. So we got to work right away at home with the spelling words. By Thursday he got them ALL right! This morning at the bus stop I was throwing words at him and he was nailing them!

I am not nervous about his spelling test today :/

I really hope that he does good on his test. I kept encouraging him telling he is totally going to bring home a A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prayers for Michael!

I will update as soon as I get word on his spelling test and how he did!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jokes at work

Co-worker playing jokes on me....yeah jokes...She has now opened a can of worms and I am full search mode of one to play on her!

I have not found one just yet that I like or think that will get her good but I am searching!

So Labor Day weekend (I was off work for 4 days...since I dont work Fridays anyway)
Well Tuesday I am just getting to work and have a lot of checks to enter into the Quickbooks program. Well here I am like many a mornings prior, typing my password in to log into my isnt it is super early and I am not a morning person at all!
So I enter it again...nope not taking it...what the world...well maybe just maybe this 4 days off of work has got to me or something, so I take out my book where I wrote all my passwords in when I first started is the SAME one I am typing.

I am not get a little upset at myself cause I dont remember the password.

So I call my co-worker cause maybe she had to change it or what ever the case.

She has no clue, so she walks in finally and trys it and nope it didnt go through...she trys it again and it goes through!

I asked what she did and she said it was a secret and she could not tell me....uhh ok....

So now i am getting ready to log into Quickbooks...SAME THING!

So here she comes, she types it in and BOOM she is in!

Well what is going on, I am thinking I have lost my freakin mind at this point...I am soo worried and dont want to log out for fear of not being able to get back in.

So here I am entering checks into the system...I am typing the word 'expense' on the checks....SO I THINK I AM....until I look at the word and see that it says 'expemse'

What in the world? so I look at my keyboard and what do I see....My 'N' button and 'M' button have been switched around!

I yell over the wall YOU SWITCHED MY N AND M BUTTON!!!!!!!!! immdediatly she starts cracking up laughing! And of course so do I!

So apparently she did this all on Friday and my boss also knew about this, so I call him and tell him the story, of course he is cracking up too!

So ever since...I have been making sure to check the bottons on my keyboard


She got me!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day :)

Today while many were having family get togethers and BBQs Michael and I joined our friends, Beth and Brandie and their lil ones for some Addison Fountain Fun!

So we hit Subway for some lunch...of course Michael brought Leo the Lion...and I think it was a plot so that he could HIDE the DS I told him not to bring.

So here is Leo at Subway while we order lunch :)

and here is the last picture we will have with his DS :( I hppe WHO EVER STOLE IT is getting more out of it then my poor lil 6 year old...and thanks cause I had to see him cry himself to sleep!

and here we are at the fountains! oh what fun we had!

Dallas Zoo

We went to the Dallas Zoo with our friends it was fun! We woke up bright and early to catch the train :) This was the first time for us taking the train in Dallas :) We were used to the Metro Rail back home :)

We missed the first train...but that is okay cause we got the next one which came 30 minutes later :) We had fun hiding from the crazies at the train stop YIKES!

Michael and his cousin waiting for the train....

YaY it is finally here!

We got the zoo and what do we see? A GIANT Spongebob Square Pants to greet us!
So the boys all run to him!

Inside the Zoo...Michael had a map and he decided to sit on the bench and read it!

Here are the boyz all at the Dallas Zoo sign :)

At first the Gorilla wasnt at the window...then I walked to the wagon turned around and saw this!

After walking through the zoo for some time..the kiddies got hungry...Lunch Time!

A group Shot of the mommas!

After lunch...we were off to touch Stingrays! Michael touched several and they were slimey!

I think Everyone basically touched a Stingray which is wayy cool :)

Michael did get his shirt wet...but it was hot outside so it didnt matter :)

Then They got stickers :)

Then we had an unexpected guest show up!

It was a shock to me, he was supposed to pick us up from the train station when we got back...he called my phone to see when we would be done...then again to ask where were was weird to me he was asking...and then we saw him!

Michael was surprised to see daddy, plus he was with all mommys and kids...he came in handy he was our MANnny! LOL

Then we took a break in the AC and had some icecream :)

After some lunch we went to have some fun on the playground...Michael found a spiderweb!!!!!!!!!! Spiderman!!!!!!!!!!!

Then they want to play inside eggs...

and some random pics of our day :)

We had such a great fun-filled day with our friends :)

Welcome to my Blog

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Awe aint we cuteee

Awe aint we cuteee

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