Friday, September 12, 2008

I am 28 years old!

Sept. 11th...hmmm...what can I say about this day? Well I USED to be able to say it was my birthday and that was all I knew it for. The day I was born into this world.
Now, I say it is my birthday and everyone stops and tells me how they remember the Sept. 11th attacks, how it would suck to have a birthday to share a day with a tragedy so on and so forth. Yes...while it is my birthday and it was before the attacks took place, it still sucks celebrating the birth of myself or the birth of any life on this tragic day.
All in all while people are moarning and going to rememberance ceromonies, I am celebrating my life here.
Sad sad sad. I still think every day about the people's lifes lost and I pray that something of that extremeness never happens to USA again!
What an awful thing to have done and so cowardly done too!

I am very greatful to all my family and friends who remembered my birthday :)

Thank you!

I did get some VERY PRETTY flowers from DR HOUSE! Well not really but that is what the card said LOL

They are really from my BFF Liz! I love her! She is the BEST EVER!

I also got some good smelling candles from Galena, John and their kiddies. (for those who dont know John is my son's uncle - who is married to Galena making her my son's Aunt, and their kids of course are my son's Cousins.)

I also got a STARBUCKS gift card from Michael's grandmother Angie! Which I put to good use and will continue next week LOL

I did get my cake from Beth and had dinner with my friends the night before. And a card with everyone writing something in it!

Thank you again everyone! I am just happy knowing people remembered enough to say Happy Birthday to me then anything else!

So here's to 28!

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