Friday, September 5, 2008

Michael's Fisrt Spelling Test

Today is Michael's first Spelling test! Last week he brought home his First grade agenda. Which included occassional home work and weekley spelling words he needs to practice at home to prepare for spelling tests on fridays!

This weeks' words came home Tuesday since Monday was a holiday.

They took the Beginning of the week PRE test which he did miss a few words. So we got to work right away at home with the spelling words. By Thursday he got them ALL right! This morning at the bus stop I was throwing words at him and he was nailing them!

I am not nervous about his spelling test today :/

I really hope that he does good on his test. I kept encouraging him telling he is totally going to bring home a A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prayers for Michael!

I will update as soon as I get word on his spelling test and how he did!

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