Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!

This year Michael is playing tackle football! He asked and now he is playing. After much debating with him (because he tends to want to do a sport and then once he starts playing doesn't want to anymore) he decided yes!

He was placed on a team...the Redskins! How ironic is that!? We are from the Redskins territory and we live in the cowboys LOL hahaha

His first practice was a 2 Saturdays ago, which I wasn't able to take him but his uncle said he would! I am grateful for that! Thanks John!

I have taken a few snaps of him practicing!

Last week they worked on the plays so they didn't suit up or anything, just wore a the helmet.
This week they got to practice geared up! Which was very exciting for Michael. He loved being able to run around and hit :)

He said he enjoyed this weeks practice better then last week! We have practice again tomorrow and then Saturday as well.

We also received the game schedule today! His first official game will be on September 12th at 9am!

I will most definitely need to take off work to go to his first one!

Yay! Go Redskins! Go Michael!

This pic is my favorite so far, it is my back drop pic on my computer at work :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Michael's 7th Birthday Party!

On Saturday we had Michael's birthday party it was so much fun! We had the party at Amazing Jakes!

Michael decided that we get the kiddos who were invited to his party gifts as well! That was a big hit and every one enjoyed the gifts that they received (I hope), I also put together little goodie bags for them as well.

Michael had such a wonderful time there with everyone!

Michael is Officially 7!

Hey everyone! Sorry I have not updated in a while, it has been busy for us!

Friday was Michael's 7th birthday he was so happy to be 7, I am guessing 7 IS a big deal!

For his birthday dinner we had a family dinner at the Magic Time Machine, it was so much fun! Money well spent!
We had an awesome waiter (Robin Hood!) he was pretty funny!
We also met some other characters!

It was a blast!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Michael's Writings...

The other day when I picked Michael up from summer camp he had a note book with him. I didn't think anything of it because he always has a notebook with him that he draws in, so it was sitting in my back seat for a week.

Today I picked it up looking for something and opened up to a page of Michael was several pages of him writing about different topics, and it blew me away what he wrote I thought they were so good and I wanted to share with you all!

I hope you enjoy them as I did and do!

Story 1:

"If I was in the Olympics I would jump hurdles. I would win all the trophies. I will run the fast because I have been working out on Wii games, no Wii Fit. If I win first place I would be very happy. And I win a trophy. I would have 3 trophies. I win a lot of money. I could buy anything I want. Like a school or a school bus or a store or a house or a car or a car store." - Michael D. White

Story 2:

"If I could live in another time period it would the cow boy time. I would go back in time I would ride cows. Mooooo! Then I would go back home. I would miss my mommy and my daddy. I said when I get home I am going to sleep. But I did not know how to get home. But I found a way home but I had to walk 100 miles to get home. 50 miles later I woke up in the western days and could not get back home! So I walked 1000000000000000 miles and was not home and my legs hurt! So I rode a cow so then I could get home faster. But I could not get home. But I wanted to go home."-Michael D. White

Story 3:

"If I was stuck on a island and only had 2 things I would bring I could bring they would be a TV and a teleporter so I could go home. But it did not work so I cant get home and go to sleep. I would look around the place til I can get a way home. So I looked but I did not find a way home. But I did find a boat to sail home so I pushed the boat to the sea." - Michael D. White

Story 4:

"If I lived on a submarine I would bring like 10 things;
1. my DS
2. my computer
3. my mom
4. dad
5. paint for the submarine
6. books
7. something fun

Story 5:
"If I found a hidden treasure I would take it home right away! So I can buy a new house so I can run in the house and play tag in the house and sometimes jump on couches if my dad or mom says yes, they sometimes say no." -Michael D. White

Story 6:
"If I can visit anywhere in the world it would be the ice cream truck to get ice cream. I had $14 but I spent it all on pokemon cards. So my mom had to buy the ice cream it was goooooood! mmmmmmmm! yum yum ice cream even chocolate ice cream is good to eat and vanilla ice cream." - Michael D White

I will scan the writings and put the up a little later on because his spelling of words is so CUTE! I love my lil peanut!

Seven is fastly approaching!

So here we are just 6 days away from Michael turning 7! SEVEN! I cant believe that he is going to be seven! It doesnt seem that long ago he was a toddler running around :( Wow when they say time flies it really does!

So I have a party planned for him on the 22nd and he is super excited to be having it, we got a good amount of people going to show. Some didnt RSVP but the ones who mattered did and that is all that matters to us. I just want Michael to have a good 7th birthday party :)

I have decided (and I went back and forth on where to have his party several times) and we will have it at Amazing Jakes!

We have been before and I think it is a cool place and Michael really enjoyed it.
It is 2 floors, when you go in they have an all you can eat pizza buffet with dessert and drinks. The price isnt bad at all. They have rock climbing wall, mini golf (i have a feeling Michael will spend most of his time here), arcade, bumper cars, laser tag, racing cars, a little toddler area with games and some other things. But I really think the kids will have a blast!

My whole concern with my original idea was if it was going to be too hot (which last year it was!) Well apparently Texas doesnt like me because when i plan his bday outside it is so hot the cake melts and when I want to but end up not doing it they are calling for a very lovely weather day UGH!

BUT all and all it just matters to me that Michael has a nice time and a fantastic birthday.

I have not yet ordered his cake which I will do this weekend for sure! He wants a Pokemon cake! HA I looked at one place and they didnt have one Pokemon themed. I would think they would it seems to be popular with the kids.

I will keep you posted for sure on how his party was :)

But Oh my SEVEN!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Football Time Baby!

Saturday my little baby (well not baby anymore, but will always be MY baby) will be going to his first football practice of the season! woot woot!

As many know I have been asked by Michael to play football this year (tackle football that is).

The team they have placed him on is...drum roll please....The....REDSKINS!

Yes how funny is that! In the city of the Dallas Cowboys, Michael will be on the Skins! Not to mention that is our hometown football team!


He will be getting his football uniform on Saturday I am thinking...if not he will have it soon!

I went out and got him a practice jersey, cup (which I have a very cute and funny story about that), and cleats!

People have told me that football is a lot of money, but since I know how to shop I have not run into that issue!

I got his shoulder pads for $28 and they only were used 6 times, if that they are practically brand new!

Practice jersey was $18, Nike cleats $29...

He will be getting his helmet, playing pants, and playing jersey once it comes in, the coach had to order them, because the kids will have replica uniforms of the Washington Redskins.

I will have a lot of pics :)

I am sad I cant make it to his first practice, but with the help of family I asked Uncle John and he will be taking Michael for me :)

I asked him to take pictures LOL or course why wouldnt I? haha

I am so excited!

Goooo Skins! (michael's team lol)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Baptisim!

I wanted to apologize for not being on here a lot these days, it has been crazy!

2 Sunday's ago Michael and I got baptized! It was wonderful! We shared this moment with family members who are here in Texas with us, members and guests of the church at our church's annual picnic and baptisim! What a fabulous way to celebrate this awesome occasion!

We do wish that our family and friends from Virginia were here to share this momentous event with us but they were in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.

Michael went first and I followed, When asked when Michael accepted the lord into his heart and accepted him as his savior he got really shy and said he found him while attending church Sunday school, which they ended up saying VBS. But that is okay, he went in and Pastor Jeff baptized him and he just popped right up (the water was COLD!)

After Michael went it was my turn and when asked when I accepted Christ, I told them the story of when Michael was born, I wish I could tell the WHOLE story but I didnt want to hold the others up. :)

When I realized the wonders of our Lord, was through Michael, I always knew there was "God and Jesus" but I never really KNEW what wonderful things were though them.

Michael was born 1 month to the day early, and was very sick, he was diagnosed with Neutropenia. For those who dont know what that is, it is basically is a hematological disorder caused by low white blood cells. Without this he could get sick very easy and if cut or scraped would have a hard time to heal. Him being 1 month early didnt help this at all, it made it even more dangerous for him!
He stayed in the NICU for a while, slowly his white blood cells increased but not enough.
Finally get got it up just enough to be released from the NICU, we still had to take him to the doctors once a week, to have his blood checked, then every 2 weeks after that. They ended up doing a spinal on this little tiny baby of mine, the needle was longer then his whole body! I couldnt stand it and had to stand out in the hallway while his father stayed in with him to assist the doctors in holding him down.

We had talked with the doctor shortly after that and Michael had to get shots administer once a week, twice a week and then worked up to once a month.
They told us that this would most likely be something he would need to do his whole life. It was very upsetting to me!

Everyone prayed that our baby would pull though and that God would help him. After taking him monthly to get his shots and have his blood checked for his white blood cell counts, one day the doctor goes back to check them and we wait patiently for him to come back not knowing if they had stayed the same, gone down, or gone up. He comes in puzzled look on his face. My heart dropped just waiting for bad news!

But what was said wasnt bad news at all! What he told us was he didnt know HOW but his cell count was normal! and most likely wouldnt need to come back!

Our Michael is strong, healthy young boy and he is 7 years old as of August 21st this year!

I am so thankful that our Lord is here and he does answer prayers and you just have to believe and accept him into your life. He is great! and his greatness surrounds us every day!

I am proud of Michael he memorizes bible verses and loves church! He doesnt love getting up in the mornings but once we get there he loves it and to see him enjoy church and worshiping together is awesome! He is eager to learn and pray and just love God!

So to my son I am very proud of you :) and I thank God each and every day that you are here and are such a joy in my life!

Welcome to my Blog

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