Thursday, August 13, 2009

Football Time Baby!

Saturday my little baby (well not baby anymore, but will always be MY baby) will be going to his first football practice of the season! woot woot!

As many know I have been asked by Michael to play football this year (tackle football that is).

The team they have placed him on is...drum roll please....The....REDSKINS!

Yes how funny is that! In the city of the Dallas Cowboys, Michael will be on the Skins! Not to mention that is our hometown football team!


He will be getting his football uniform on Saturday I am thinking...if not he will have it soon!

I went out and got him a practice jersey, cup (which I have a very cute and funny story about that), and cleats!

People have told me that football is a lot of money, but since I know how to shop I have not run into that issue!

I got his shoulder pads for $28 and they only were used 6 times, if that they are practically brand new!

Practice jersey was $18, Nike cleats $29...

He will be getting his helmet, playing pants, and playing jersey once it comes in, the coach had to order them, because the kids will have replica uniforms of the Washington Redskins.

I will have a lot of pics :)

I am sad I cant make it to his first practice, but with the help of family I asked Uncle John and he will be taking Michael for me :)

I asked him to take pictures LOL or course why wouldnt I? haha

I am so excited!

Goooo Skins! (michael's team lol)

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