Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!

This year Michael is playing tackle football! He asked and now he is playing. After much debating with him (because he tends to want to do a sport and then once he starts playing doesn't want to anymore) he decided yes!

He was placed on a team...the Redskins! How ironic is that!? We are from the Redskins territory and we live in the cowboys LOL hahaha

His first practice was a 2 Saturdays ago, which I wasn't able to take him but his uncle said he would! I am grateful for that! Thanks John!

I have taken a few snaps of him practicing!

Last week they worked on the plays so they didn't suit up or anything, just wore a the helmet.
This week they got to practice geared up! Which was very exciting for Michael. He loved being able to run around and hit :)

He said he enjoyed this weeks practice better then last week! We have practice again tomorrow and then Saturday as well.

We also received the game schedule today! His first official game will be on September 12th at 9am!

I will most definitely need to take off work to go to his first one!

Yay! Go Redskins! Go Michael!

This pic is my favorite so far, it is my back drop pic on my computer at work :)

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