Friday, August 14, 2009

Seven is fastly approaching!

So here we are just 6 days away from Michael turning 7! SEVEN! I cant believe that he is going to be seven! It doesnt seem that long ago he was a toddler running around :( Wow when they say time flies it really does!

So I have a party planned for him on the 22nd and he is super excited to be having it, we got a good amount of people going to show. Some didnt RSVP but the ones who mattered did and that is all that matters to us. I just want Michael to have a good 7th birthday party :)

I have decided (and I went back and forth on where to have his party several times) and we will have it at Amazing Jakes!

We have been before and I think it is a cool place and Michael really enjoyed it.
It is 2 floors, when you go in they have an all you can eat pizza buffet with dessert and drinks. The price isnt bad at all. They have rock climbing wall, mini golf (i have a feeling Michael will spend most of his time here), arcade, bumper cars, laser tag, racing cars, a little toddler area with games and some other things. But I really think the kids will have a blast!

My whole concern with my original idea was if it was going to be too hot (which last year it was!) Well apparently Texas doesnt like me because when i plan his bday outside it is so hot the cake melts and when I want to but end up not doing it they are calling for a very lovely weather day UGH!

BUT all and all it just matters to me that Michael has a nice time and a fantastic birthday.

I have not yet ordered his cake which I will do this weekend for sure! He wants a Pokemon cake! HA I looked at one place and they didnt have one Pokemon themed. I would think they would it seems to be popular with the kids.

I will keep you posted for sure on how his party was :)

But Oh my SEVEN!

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