Friday, August 14, 2009

Michael's Writings...

The other day when I picked Michael up from summer camp he had a note book with him. I didn't think anything of it because he always has a notebook with him that he draws in, so it was sitting in my back seat for a week.

Today I picked it up looking for something and opened up to a page of Michael was several pages of him writing about different topics, and it blew me away what he wrote I thought they were so good and I wanted to share with you all!

I hope you enjoy them as I did and do!

Story 1:

"If I was in the Olympics I would jump hurdles. I would win all the trophies. I will run the fast because I have been working out on Wii games, no Wii Fit. If I win first place I would be very happy. And I win a trophy. I would have 3 trophies. I win a lot of money. I could buy anything I want. Like a school or a school bus or a store or a house or a car or a car store." - Michael D. White

Story 2:

"If I could live in another time period it would the cow boy time. I would go back in time I would ride cows. Mooooo! Then I would go back home. I would miss my mommy and my daddy. I said when I get home I am going to sleep. But I did not know how to get home. But I found a way home but I had to walk 100 miles to get home. 50 miles later I woke up in the western days and could not get back home! So I walked 1000000000000000 miles and was not home and my legs hurt! So I rode a cow so then I could get home faster. But I could not get home. But I wanted to go home."-Michael D. White

Story 3:

"If I was stuck on a island and only had 2 things I would bring I could bring they would be a TV and a teleporter so I could go home. But it did not work so I cant get home and go to sleep. I would look around the place til I can get a way home. So I looked but I did not find a way home. But I did find a boat to sail home so I pushed the boat to the sea." - Michael D. White

Story 4:

"If I lived on a submarine I would bring like 10 things;
1. my DS
2. my computer
3. my mom
4. dad
5. paint for the submarine
6. books
7. something fun

Story 5:
"If I found a hidden treasure I would take it home right away! So I can buy a new house so I can run in the house and play tag in the house and sometimes jump on couches if my dad or mom says yes, they sometimes say no." -Michael D. White

Story 6:
"If I can visit anywhere in the world it would be the ice cream truck to get ice cream. I had $14 but I spent it all on pokemon cards. So my mom had to buy the ice cream it was goooooood! mmmmmmmm! yum yum ice cream even chocolate ice cream is good to eat and vanilla ice cream." - Michael D White

I will scan the writings and put the up a little later on because his spelling of words is so CUTE! I love my lil peanut!

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Awe aint we cuteee

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