Monday, March 31, 2008

Lots of bridges and over passes in Texas

Okay so one thing I can def say about Texas (well the Dallas area anyway) is that there are alot of bridges! Not just one but one on top of another on top of another and not just one set TONS of them! I must admit when I first saw the million bridges I was confused I thought I would so get lost and it looked scary like a roller coaster! I also thought to myself they are VERY high and loopy what if they break! But I guess they are okay! It isnt THAT confusing :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chuck E Cheese's, Where a Kid can be a kid?

so I have this "thing" with Chucky E Cheese's - the climbing thing - GERM CITY! Well We were invited to one today - and actually the little climbing tube thing they have has SHRUNK! Or atleast at this one it was smaller. It was like ultra small! They had more games to play then anything it was more like a KIDDIE ARCADE! The prizes still SUCK! I dropped 20 bucks on tokens - another 20 on food - and Michael made out with some small tiny blow pops, an air head, 2 lil now a later things, and a tiny deck or cards. Actuallty they had the ride that takes the pics and he did 2 of those - then we did the skecth (which is a must each time we go) and they had this NEW one that takes pics and puts their pic on a plastic card - like an ID card - 1 token each machine you go to - pretty good - anywhooo I dont know if ALL CEC are like that one but I really was impressed at this one. Besides the usual kids working there who DONT really want to be working at all so they walk around like retards with no personality what so ever. LOL oh well.

Friday, March 28, 2008

OMG No TV - What to do

So I may sound like - retarded - but our TV wont turn on - I mean you hit the button to turn it on and it acts like it is going to turn on but it doesnt it just cuts right back off! So I have been here all day with no TV - we have another but it is in Michael's room and that is for him and his Wii...well mommy has no TV - NO court shows today for me :) That is okay it is good to be with out it - teach me there are other things to do besides watch TV - need to be creative. I was going to head to the park as Michael had an early day today - but it is soggy and gloomy outside.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Horton Hears a Who

So we saw Horton Hears a Who - CUUUUUTEEEEEEEEEEEE
Michael got bored twd the end but he always does I dont think there is one thing he can actually sit though besides Spongebob or anything Mario Bros LOL
But I thought it was CUTE! We have to hit the library because we went to look for the book but they were all checked out (go figure) so we will check back today to see if they have any back - But I think we have it I have to go through his books because I was pretty sure we did have it - but I am not 100 percent sure...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Michael's tooth is Loose

Michael got of the bus this afternoon looking upset so as I was asking him what was wrong a little girl came up to me and told me that he hurt his tooth and it was bleeding. I was looking at his tooth and sure enough it was bleeding right on the gum line where the tooth met the gums...any whoo after asking him what happened he informed me he put his book bag string in between his tooth and some how yanked it and his tooth started wiggling. As I got in the house going through his back pack to see the things he brought home for me to look at I found a pink peice of paper - the poor little girl (bless her heart) wrote me a note which said:

Your little boy's tooth is hearting

to: Kase (my name is spelled Casey but it so cute)
from: Kayla

Awe so that was cute but I am stuck with no dentist - didnt think I would really have to think about if for 5 more months as he JUST got a check up before we moved here and a cleaning.

Really??? Seriously?

Baby Shower
US Patent Issued In 1991

Kids poop. Oh, we know this may come as a surprise to some of you but **it happens. It can be a difficult task, to say the least, to try to hold on to a squirmy one year old and rinse off their tiny beehinds. The shower head is too high up, the tub is too big and half pint wants to run around or plop down. You're trying to corral your writhing tyke with one hand while attempting target practice on a small moving posterior with the other.

Whew, we're worn out just thinking about it. But never fear, Baby Shower is here! The BS snaps on to the side of your bathtub and is fully adjustable for poopers of all sizes. Place you know who, you know where and the gentle warm water spray will make clean-up time a joy. Ok, maybe joy is a little strong but hey, don't blame us, we're toilet trained.


So we went out side and played with the sidewalk chalk - fun times :) Here is some of Michael's art work - and as you can tell it got a bit messy :) No worries it came right off (a lil chalk isnt gonna hurt no body)


Soooo...I woke up this morning at 6am to get Michael ready for school - 7am the bus came - I went BACK to sleep - and woke up not too long ago - now I have a massive headache - from sleeping too long? I dont know if you can get a headache from sleeping too much but I have one and all I want to do is go back to sleep :)
But I have to clean up things from last nights dinner. So I am thinking about seeing Horton hears a who with Michael tonight - we were supposed to last night - dont know what happened there but we didnt. At 7am it was about 66 outside - so I am pretty sure it will get pretty warm outside and I should go take a walk or something. Sometimes I hate that Michael has school - I wish sometimes that he wasnt in school so I could spend the days with him.
LoL I found myself watching All my Children LOL I started watching it the other day - and now I am stuck I used to LOVE passions but they dont have it on anymore EXCEPT if you have DirectTV they have it 3 times a week on a special channel! So I am trying to figure out what channel that is, the days and times. Until then I will stick with AMC it is funny to me (a lil)
Soaps LOL that is funny I really need to get a part time job :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A cool Game for the kiddies or you :)
So I made a Myspace site called "A Mother" Check it out and add to your friends list :)

Early Morning Wake up!

So I am STILL trying to get used to waking up at 6 AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so used to schooling in VA - school bus came at 8:35am and got back home at I wasnt getting up until like 7:30 and that gave me an hour to get Michael up and ready and off on the school bus...welllll.....I have to get up at 6am now! It is nutz - I mean they do get to get out of school earlier which I guess could be a good thing but I much rather them stay in school until 4 lol.
The bus comes here at 7am and returns to drop the kiddies off at 2:55 as school here starts at 7:45 until 2:45
So I find myself dragging in the morning and not wanting to get out of bed - well now especially because I am SICK! I hate to be sick and I try to stay away from Michael but it is hard to do - I am like putting my drinks up high so he isnt drinking after me and not allowing him to kiss me or eat after me. His daddy is getting or is sick too...coughing, I am sneezing, coughing and have this throat thing going on. It is nooo goood I hate it. I am the biggest baby when it comes to being sick. So I have to make sure Michael doesnt get sick as not to keep passing it back and forth between the 3 of us.
LYSOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeap it is my handy dandy friend.
Although I heard that tooo much sanatizer is bad so I try not to be like them people who take it out spray, wipe and lotion up everything!
Oh well it is 7:20am and I need to really get some more rest - so I can clean up! Dishes galore in the sink (but Baby daddy said that I can leave em and if I was not feeling good he would do em when he got home) reallllll tempting LOL

Monday, March 24, 2008

Michael stole a hat...

So Michael gets off the school bus today and he has a hat in his hands that I never seen before...So I asked him where he got the hat. I was thinking more of a I found it response or something like that - nope instead I got a "the bus driver found it on the bus and asked if it belonged to anyone on the bus, and I raised my hand and said it was mine because it looked warm and cozy and I wanted it"
LoL it wasnt funny when he told me that I told him he needed to take it back tomorrow because that belonged to someone else and they were probally looking for it. But now thinking about what he said it is a little funny and wanted to share that with whom ever is reading this thing :) well it is getting late and I am off to bed as I need to get up at 6am! to get my little one off on the school bus.

Traveling in Texas

Okay so I have noticed driving in Texas is nothing like what I am used to driving in Virginia - I thought driving in Washington DC was weird - here it is def different and will take some getting used to. One thing is everyone here seems to drive really fast and that scares me :( I think the roads that would be like 45 mph back home you can drive 60 here - So that I will have to get used to...the different freeways and byways and things of that sort - I guess it is just a new place - with new things for me to get used to and I will but how long that will take idk, time will tell.
So I will continue to travel with Tom Tom my new best friend in the car :) Even though Tom Tom is a girl's voice with a guys name he he he

I will make sure to keep yall posted on my driving in Texas!

Michael and me in Texas

So we have now been in Texas for about 2 months and I am still trying to adjust - Just got a car (it is new to me) and I am looking for a part time job - search is going not so good :( Hope soon I will find something to accomodate the schedule I want. I am looking to be to work AFTER Michael is off to school and be home by the time he is getting off the school bus. Doesnt seem like a huge request does it?
Michael is adjusting well - he has his cousin here (he just turned 4 and Michael is turning 6 soon). Looking to meet some mothers who I can hang with and have kids Michael's age. I had alot of them back home so now it is a challenge for me to find some here :)
Michael seems to like school hasnt complained - well only about the time he has to get up to catch the bus but that is about it.
Well I will keep you posted I have to run - and later I will update my blog when I have a lil more time to do so.

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to our Blog - hope you enjoy reading about my boring life :) Also click the ad to earn me some Mula :)

Awe aint we cuteee

Awe aint we cuteee

Michael's Sidewalk Art


Frogpond Badge