Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chuck E Cheese's, Where a Kid can be a kid?

so I have this "thing" with Chucky E Cheese's - the climbing thing - GERM CITY! Well We were invited to one today - and actually the little climbing tube thing they have has SHRUNK! Or atleast at this one it was smaller. It was like ultra small! They had more games to play then anything it was more like a KIDDIE ARCADE! The prizes still SUCK! I dropped 20 bucks on tokens - another 20 on food - and Michael made out with some small tiny blow pops, an air head, 2 lil now a later things, and a tiny deck or cards. Actuallty they had the ride that takes the pics and he did 2 of those - then we did the skecth (which is a must each time we go) and they had this NEW one that takes pics and puts their pic on a plastic card - like an ID card - 1 token each machine you go to - pretty good - anywhooo I dont know if ALL CEC are like that one but I really was impressed at this one. Besides the usual kids working there who DONT really want to be working at all so they walk around like retards with no personality what so ever. LOL oh well.

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Dawn Endres said...

Cute Pics.!

The only thing I like at Chuck E. Cheese is the pizza. I like the pizza! Not without a coupon though. hehe!

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