Monday, March 24, 2008

Traveling in Texas

Okay so I have noticed driving in Texas is nothing like what I am used to driving in Virginia - I thought driving in Washington DC was weird - here it is def different and will take some getting used to. One thing is everyone here seems to drive really fast and that scares me :( I think the roads that would be like 45 mph back home you can drive 60 here - So that I will have to get used to...the different freeways and byways and things of that sort - I guess it is just a new place - with new things for me to get used to and I will but how long that will take idk, time will tell.
So I will continue to travel with Tom Tom my new best friend in the car :) Even though Tom Tom is a girl's voice with a guys name he he he

I will make sure to keep yall posted on my driving in Texas!

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Leane said...

You write very well.

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