Monday, March 24, 2008

Michael and me in Texas

So we have now been in Texas for about 2 months and I am still trying to adjust - Just got a car (it is new to me) and I am looking for a part time job - search is going not so good :( Hope soon I will find something to accomodate the schedule I want. I am looking to be to work AFTER Michael is off to school and be home by the time he is getting off the school bus. Doesnt seem like a huge request does it?
Michael is adjusting well - he has his cousin here (he just turned 4 and Michael is turning 6 soon). Looking to meet some mothers who I can hang with and have kids Michael's age. I had alot of them back home so now it is a challenge for me to find some here :)
Michael seems to like school hasnt complained - well only about the time he has to get up to catch the bus but that is about it.
Well I will keep you posted I have to run - and later I will update my blog when I have a lil more time to do so.

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Awe aint we cuteee

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