Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Soooo...I woke up this morning at 6am to get Michael ready for school - 7am the bus came - I went BACK to sleep - and woke up not too long ago - now I have a massive headache - from sleeping too long? I dont know if you can get a headache from sleeping too much but I have one and all I want to do is go back to sleep :)
But I have to clean up things from last nights dinner. So I am thinking about seeing Horton hears a who with Michael tonight - we were supposed to last night - dont know what happened there but we didnt. At 7am it was about 66 outside - so I am pretty sure it will get pretty warm outside and I should go take a walk or something. Sometimes I hate that Michael has school - I wish sometimes that he wasnt in school so I could spend the days with him.
LoL I found myself watching All my Children LOL I started watching it the other day - and now I am stuck I used to LOVE passions but they dont have it on anymore EXCEPT if you have DirectTV they have it 3 times a week on a special channel! So I am trying to figure out what channel that is, the days and times. Until then I will stick with AMC it is funny to me (a lil)
Soaps LOL that is funny I really need to get a part time job :)

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Awe aint we cuteee

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