Friday, September 12, 2008

Olive Garden (9/10)

Today I planned on going to Olive Garden with some friends I met through it was Splurge night!

Michael ended up getting sick the night before and I didnt want him to get sick again and chance it, and also the funds I didnt have.

So I changed my post on the event to no, I wasnt going to make it.

Well I get an IM from Miss Beth *she is so sweet* and she said she had made me a cake :(

Awe now I felt bad, I need to go no matter what!

So I called Mike told him I needed to get some money, and he let me!

So off Michael and I went to Olive Garden. We got caught in the rain! And BOY DID IT RAIN!

I could hardly see and I had to drive really slowly!

Finally we got in (Soaked) but we were there :)

It was a good turn out :)

I was thankful to Beth and Brandie they are VERY sweet people and good friends!

Beth's cake was YUMMMMMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cake before:

Cake After:

Check it out on her blog....

I DID get a free (extra) dish of the pasta I got!

How you ask? Well I asked the guy to box what I had left of my pasta (which was like half) anyway he never comes back with my to go box, but everyone elses LOL

So when he came with the checks...I asked where it was, he threw it away!

So they made me a fresh one to take home! LOL

But it was a really nice evening with friends and our kids :)

Thank you to my friends :)

And The dinner was also for Brandie and Beth cause they worked hard to get where they are today and let me tell you they look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

way to go girls :)

Enjoy these Pics from the evening:

Don't I look like a deer caught in a headlight LOL

Boys just wanna have fun!

Per Brandie's Blog "How many mother's does it take to light candles on a cake" LOL

Michael was messing with Miss Brandie :) He is such a ladies man

Michael playing with my camera, what a face LOL

Brandie's 'lil man D :) SO CUTE!

Group Shot...Michael was the camera man He did a good job Huh?

Beth's'lil man Micha - he is such a good 'lil guy :)

Galena and Z...Z was sticking up his middle finger...he was but not because he was saying "F*ck you" He was showing us something on it LOL

Boys just wanna have Olive Garden!

I had a nice night out, Thank you ladies! And thank you for the birthday card and birthday wishes :)

LUV YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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