Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike

As many of you have contacted me to see if I am okay here in Texas...I am fine, we are okay...they are saying that we are in the hurricane's path but then I watched a forecast today and it seems to be curving over to the east. We will get maybe some high wind gusts and rain but not nearly as much as they are saying on some of the computer modules. Which is good for us but not for others in Texas. We will be praying for everyone in Galveston and Houston and anyone else in the Hurricane's path.

We are in Dallas, please when looking at the news know where we are, and know that we are okay...if anything else should happen I will keep you all updated.

As for now, the weather is hot and muggy...I feel like I am in VA with this humidity!

But apparently after this storm passes we will have nice cool weather. Which is good :)

I just pray that everything will be okay for us!

Everyone right now keeps talking about stocking up and we have not gone to the store, Mike doesnt think we have anything to worry about.

We shall see!

9/13 11:53am -

I was expecting to wake up to TONS of rain and wind...well it is wet outside, and a little bit windy. Nothing to make me worry. So they are saying it will start picking up a little later on.

I am now watching news on TV about the Galveston and Houston area, they are trashed. They are showing people in clearlake and down there, and I guess it all happened early this morning or last night.

Here in Dallas, well we are okay for now, just wet and it is not raining now but we will see what later on brings.

Still praying for those who were injured. I think they have 1 death I heard which was a little boy who was hit by a tree limb or something.

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