Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jokes at work

Co-worker playing jokes on me....yeah jokes...She has now opened a can of worms and I am full search mode of one to play on her!

I have not found one just yet that I like or think that will get her good but I am searching!

So Labor Day weekend (I was off work for 4 days...since I dont work Fridays anyway)
Well Tuesday I am just getting to work and have a lot of checks to enter into the Quickbooks program. Well here I am like many a mornings prior, typing my password in to log into my isnt it is super early and I am not a morning person at all!
So I enter it again...nope not taking it...what the world...well maybe just maybe this 4 days off of work has got to me or something, so I take out my book where I wrote all my passwords in when I first started is the SAME one I am typing.

I am not get a little upset at myself cause I dont remember the password.

So I call my co-worker cause maybe she had to change it or what ever the case.

She has no clue, so she walks in finally and trys it and nope it didnt go through...she trys it again and it goes through!

I asked what she did and she said it was a secret and she could not tell me....uhh ok....

So now i am getting ready to log into Quickbooks...SAME THING!

So here she comes, she types it in and BOOM she is in!

Well what is going on, I am thinking I have lost my freakin mind at this point...I am soo worried and dont want to log out for fear of not being able to get back in.

So here I am entering checks into the system...I am typing the word 'expense' on the checks....SO I THINK I AM....until I look at the word and see that it says 'expemse'

What in the world? so I look at my keyboard and what do I see....My 'N' button and 'M' button have been switched around!

I yell over the wall YOU SWITCHED MY N AND M BUTTON!!!!!!!!! immdediatly she starts cracking up laughing! And of course so do I!

So apparently she did this all on Friday and my boss also knew about this, so I call him and tell him the story, of course he is cracking up too!

So ever since...I have been making sure to check the bottons on my keyboard


She got me!

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