Monday, September 1, 2008

Dallas Zoo

We went to the Dallas Zoo with our friends it was fun! We woke up bright and early to catch the train :) This was the first time for us taking the train in Dallas :) We were used to the Metro Rail back home :)

We missed the first train...but that is okay cause we got the next one which came 30 minutes later :) We had fun hiding from the crazies at the train stop YIKES!

Michael and his cousin waiting for the train....

YaY it is finally here!

We got the zoo and what do we see? A GIANT Spongebob Square Pants to greet us!
So the boys all run to him!

Inside the Zoo...Michael had a map and he decided to sit on the bench and read it!

Here are the boyz all at the Dallas Zoo sign :)

At first the Gorilla wasnt at the window...then I walked to the wagon turned around and saw this!

After walking through the zoo for some time..the kiddies got hungry...Lunch Time!

A group Shot of the mommas!

After lunch...we were off to touch Stingrays! Michael touched several and they were slimey!

I think Everyone basically touched a Stingray which is wayy cool :)

Michael did get his shirt wet...but it was hot outside so it didnt matter :)

Then They got stickers :)

Then we had an unexpected guest show up!

It was a shock to me, he was supposed to pick us up from the train station when we got back...he called my phone to see when we would be done...then again to ask where were was weird to me he was asking...and then we saw him!

Michael was surprised to see daddy, plus he was with all mommys and kids...he came in handy he was our MANnny! LOL

Then we took a break in the AC and had some icecream :)

After some lunch we went to have some fun on the playground...Michael found a spiderweb!!!!!!!!!! Spiderman!!!!!!!!!!!

Then they want to play inside eggs...

and some random pics of our day :)

We had such a great fun-filled day with our friends :)

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