Saturday, August 30, 2008

Michael in First Grade

So it is official my baby is now in First grade :( I am so sad. I took him to school that morning, I have to make sure he doesnt get lost or anything LOL...I just imagine him wandering the halls not knowing where to go, and too shy to ask for help. So yeah I took him :) It was a MESS no where to park, parents parking on top of medians, jumping curbs to park...yeah it was nutz! So we got him in, I didnt walk alll the way back but we met a lady who showed him where to go :)

When he got home, jumped off the bus and told me all about his day. His friend Preston is in his class, that is a good thing. (Preston is Mike's friend's son, and they live in the same neighborhood as we do)

Then I told Michael we would have to make a special First Day of First Grade dinner. He of course picked Tacos! He loves them things :)

Sounds to me that he had a pretty awesome day :)

Not to mention that they "have this part on the desk where you keep your ownnn things!" lol

He thinks that is awesome!

Michael in the morning...on our way to school...he looks so nervous

At the school....he looks a bit more relaxed.

Eating his First Grade Dinner

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