Monday, August 18, 2008

Michael's Party (almost time)

Okay so Michael officially turns 6 on Thursday! He couldnt be more excited! He is talking about what he wants for his birthday, and his birthday party too!

I have invited 13 kids, but confirmed only 10 coming. I am running into if I should MAKE 2 extra bags incase the 3 who didnt RSVP just show up? But on the invites I put that they NEEDED to RSVP cause I had a list running for the front desk at the pool as to who to let in (cause I want to know what extra I am paying since I only got a book of 20 pool passes).

Fustrating I tell ya!

I hear about people that dont RSVP and how nerve wrecking it is, and let me tell you I am finding it out first hand!

Would it be rude of me to NOT make the extra gift bags and NOT put them on the list, so if they show up they are SOL?

Maybe it would teach them a lesson in the future to RSVP?

Michael has been asking just just Legos and a pair of overalls...Overalls you ask?

Wellll...he isnt into John Deer or anything like that...if you know Michael and have been paying attention to the is MARIO BROTHERS FEVER!

He has a red shirt, a Mario hat, brown shoes, and all that is missing is well...the overalls.

I think I am going to get him a bike...he can ride it and I can walk!

So the party is going to be at this awesome pool (I think I blogged on it before).

With the help of a co-worker I got 2 tables reserved for $5 a table per hour!


With that I bought a green and red table clothe (Mario and Luigi), some red and green plates and napkins, no cups cause they will have like kids drinks and things.

I am going to pick up some pizza pies from Little Ceasars and get some juices for the kids. Also some bottles of water for the adults and maybe some other kind of drink. I was also thinking some sort of veggie tray and maybe some chips?

The cake is ordered, I ordered the bottom is white cake and it will be designed as bricks...I am going to make a smaller round cake in chocolate because that is Michael's favorite flavor. I bought a teir and I will put the small round cake on that...and put on a Mario and Luigi figurine.

The goodie bags are made and ready for handing out!

Sounds like it is all under wraps right? Well besides those who dont RSVP!

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