Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michael's Party

Well it is the day of Michael's birthday party...what could go wrong...right?

I woke up earlier then 9 so I can run all over Plano to pick up Balloons, cake, ice...then go home to get the rest of the things, and be at the pool to set up all before 11...sounds pretty doable...right?

NOT! I got the balloons, easy no fuss nothing, besides the balloons migrating to the front of the car to kill me! I was swatting balloons to the back of the car the whole ride to walmart to pick up the cake.

So I got there asked for the cake I ordered...walked to the counter to pay...looked down...what is this...THIS is not the cake I ordered!!!

Off to the customer service desk...what did this lady just ask me? Did I want another cake? NO I WANT THE CAKE I ORDERED! 30 minutes later I end up only paying $10 for a $20 cake.

But I have no Idea what is on this cake...LOL

Kids didnt seem to mind one bit.

After I am in the car with the cake I didnt order and the killer balloons, it is off to my house to get the rest of the things.

I arrive to the house to see Michael and his cousin getting ready and Mike pushing them off on me! What I have to SET UP come later!

So I rush out the door on my way to the pool to set up!

I made it! What now???? I get to the counter to find out where my tables are and well THEY DIDNT WRITE ME IN ON THE BOOK!!!!!!!!

She penciled me on the chart...should have been DONE 3 WEEKS AGO!

So I set up and people start arriving, where is the birthday boy? IDK! I called Mike's phone several times, no luck in him picking up!

20 minutes later in marches a angry Mike!

He was lost, the GPS sent him some where else, and I didnt tell him (so now this is my fault) Well if you remember HE DIDNT HAVE HIS PHONE HE LEFT IT AT HIS BROTHERS!

so I tell him not to be the person that brings negativity to my son's party, then left to get the pizza.

After all that it went pretty well, besides me not being able to relax.

Michael had a good turn out :) I was happy! He was happy!

The cake did start to melt so I ran it into the gaurds room to save it from the hot sun!

What a nice day!

After the party I was able to actually get in the pool. We decided to stay a while after it was all said and done and Mike actually went to get some shorts and got in the pool!

Happy Birthday Michael!

Here is the cake I made :)

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