Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rachel Ray Dunkin Donut commercial?

Did you find this offensive? Because of the scarf? when i saw it, I wasnt sooo not paying more attention to what was around her neck! like really? Are we nit picking a scarf that looks like a head dress? Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People really need a life! This world is so messed up, you cant do something in fear of offending people so you yank a commercial? Or for fear of getting a lawsuit filed against you, or anything! ughhhh People make me sick sometimes!

Wellll maybe they yanked it because that scarf looked retarded on her especially with the shirt she was wearing, she would have looked better with out it anyway, and considering the back drop is a spring theme, who wears scarfs in spring time that heavy? Please RR needs a new fashion person!

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