Friday, May 9, 2008

Dublin Dr Pepper YUM

I have always liked Dr Pepper and if you know me you know that I love that drink!
I was chatting up with a co-worker about Coke from Mexico and I miss it! They use real sugar cane instead of corn syrup in it. Welll She mentioned it was similar to Dublin Dr Pepper...uhh...what is that??????
Well some concept, it is the original Dr Pepper reciepe, and only is made in Dublin, Texas and can only be sold within a 50 mile radius of the first Dr Pepper plant. Of course people can order it online and get it shipped to them, but they wouldnt be able to find it in a store. So I bought some! I must say I have not truely experienced REAL Dr Pepper until I popped open a can of this Dublin Dr Pepper.

I checked out the Dr Pepper website and also found out the Dr Pepper is turning 117...I think...well the point is they are having a birthday celebration in June! They (for a whole week) change Dublin to Dr Pepper, texas...they take down all the DUBLIN city signs and replace them with Dr Pepper. Cool! Then they have FREE DUBLIN Dr Pepper the whole time and a HUGE giant cake to share. It is basically like a carnival and all proceeds will go to charity! How great this Dr Pepper company is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I will have to say all my friends back home watch in the mail because I will be sending a can of this to yall to try! I cant hog it to myself knowing you all have been ripped off this whole time by not having REAL DR Pepper!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hehehehe I love it!

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