Monday, May 26, 2008

Michael @ Classmates Bday Party :)

Michael was invited to a classmate's birthday party on Saturday :) She actually moved here and started school 1 day before Michael did...and she is from VA! And it is Loudon County I believe (or it may be Sterling - all I know is that it was from around the same area) how cool! So we go to this place called Adventure Landing, they have mini golf, Bumber Boats, Go karts, and tons of Viedo games (we all know how much Michael loves them video games!)
we got there and I asked Michael what this little girl looks like and he said she looked like Dora! LoL So here I am looking for a little girl who looked like Dora :) Then I hear someone say Michael's name it was her :)
A few of his classmates showed up, which was cool because I was able to meet some of the other parents of the kids Michael goes to school with :) His "Best Buddy" Christopher was there too and I met his mommy. His teacher told us about him and Christopher being together alll the time.
There was also another little boy there and man he was funny! I could totally see him on the movie screen some day!
over all Michael had a blast it was fun!
Here are some pics of this event :)

annnd here is Micahel and the bday girl (who looks like Dora) hehe

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