Thursday, May 22, 2008

I have always heard this bird call, and I never knew what is was from...I thought at one point it was a bug, those ones that come out only so many years...but I was wrong...then I thought maybe it was an owl...welllll I was in my bedroom today and I heard it, coah cooo cooo coo....Here is a link to the sound if you want to hear what I am talking about...

anywhoo I looked out my window and there is a pine tree of some sort and I didnt hear anything, and this sounded like this thing was in my I went outside and looked at my window and I saw it! It was a bird, what kind of bird? Well I thought it was a pigeon, it was gray..but after searching the wide world web...I found it was a mourning dove...on my window sill! And it was just sitting there not moving. But this time I snapped 2 pics, and Mike pulled up, so Michael started makeing noise and this bird was still pearched on the ledge of our window sill!

I wonder if it is a lucky sign or something?

but then again I dont know, Mourning (isnt that what you do when you are sad because someone passed?)

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