Sunday, June 29, 2008

Michaels sleep Over

Friday Night Michael had a sleep over! He has had his cousin over before to stay the night (but I am not sure that counts because it is family - If ykwim?)But this night it was his friend Preston who stayed the night with him. Preston is the son of Mike's friend Tim. They live in the same place we do and the boys go to the same school and Day care and are in the same grade. So I had plans for the next day so I was thinking why not get his cousin too - so I ran out to McKinney and picked up his cousin. The boys had tons of fun! Michael loved it having his first (and last) sleep over LOL Well he can have people spend the night but we will limit it to one kid at a time! Michael was super excited and I think he just didnt know what to do with him self. As I was afraid I think there was some "Im a big boy and my friend who is also a big boy attitude twd his cousin - (which sucks because I was afraid that would happen) It was stopped really fast!
But they had tons of fun! Here are some pics of the boys :)

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Awe aint we cuteee

Awe aint we cuteee

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