Sunday, March 8, 2009

This Weekend...

This weekend Michael had his last basketball game of the season and we had his end of season basketball party afterwards which was so much fun! I left the game a bit early so I could get to Peter Piper Pizza and get things ready before the Kids and Parents got there. Luckily I got there in time and shortly afterwards parents started walking in :) The boys had such a good time playing all the games, getting tickets and eating pizza and cake!
They also got their trophies which was really neat :) The Kidos were excited about those!
They Won their last game too! Which i wasnt there to actually SEE but I had some parents send me pictures of the game which was totally cool of them to do!

We were able to go home and relax a bit before leaving again to go to Michael's cousin's birthday party which I didnt stay too long for - I am having "mommy issues" right now and needed to go home ASAP! That and also if I didnt I would have had to bite Mike's head off because he was just getting on my nerves...

But all that matters is that Michael got to spend this time with his cousin and help celebrate his birthday with him :)

Now all I am hearing from Michael is what he wants to do for his birthday this year - it is going to be awesome I know that much :)

So I have to start saving up money now to cover the cost of this birthday party I am going to be planning :)

Today we went to golf lessons and in a little while we will be taking Michael to yet another birthday party - which is at The Zone from 5:30 to 7:30.

Michael is right now with his cousin - we met up with them a McDonald's and his uncle will be bringing hom home here soon.

Either that or we will just swing by and pick him up on the way to the party.

Today Michael got to drive some golf balls in practice and I know this is only his 2nd practice but you can tell his swing is improving a lot since the first day. It was really nice outside so the whole practice was out side which was really nice. They also got to do some putting of the ball.

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