Thursday, March 19, 2009

Red Box and Twilight...

Today we went to Walgreen's to pick up photos that Michael had taken himself at the zoo...when he noticed Twilight the movie was in the Redbox...he knows mommy loves I would like to share with you our conversation:

Michael: Mommy Redbox has Twilight now!

Me: I know that is very cool!

Michael: Mommy we should get it to watch it.

Me: I already saw it.

Michael: When EXACTLY did you do THAT?!

Me: When it came out a few months back

Michael: Where EXACTLY was I?!?

Me: School.

Michael: Well I wanted to see it too!

Me: Okay we can rent it so you can watch it with me.

Michael: I love you, you make me so happy!

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Katrina Marie said...

Awwww that's too sweet!

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