Thursday, July 9, 2009


For a while I have been searching and wanting to find a church and start taking Michael. We were going back in Virginia and I dont know I just never got to one here in Texas. I decided 2 weeks ago I was going, got the kid up and we went to church. I was in the process back home in becoming a member of First Baptist church of Alexandria, and we moved so I didnt get to finish doing that.
Michael loved the children's center and I have enquired about becoming members and getting Michael baptized. Last night he started a class he needs to take to learn about what it means to become a christian and what being baptized means. If they think he is ready and knows the meaning they will baptize him. He went to the first class and loved it! They gave him a bible for his age, and a workbook that he has to work on. His father took him for me since I wasnt able to go because of work schedules.
But I was told that the kids all had to pick out a word from a bag and tell what it means, Michael's word was "sin". From what I was told, all the parents and leaders were very impressed with Michael's answer to it, and even at the end of class went up to Mike and voiced to him how impressed they were and that it was the best answer to that question they ever heard.
What was his answer you ask? He said, "sin is anything that you think, say, or do that breaks God's hear or makes him sad"

I am so excited for him to be liking church so much and want to be reading the Bible and doing his workbooks and devotionals, he told me last night he wanted to be baptized last night, we are setting the date for August 2nd, we can pick the date we want to do the baptizing but the church is having an annual cookout and baptisim and I think we will just do it then.

God is awesome and makes me smile! I am glad I found a church home and so did Michael!

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