Thursday, October 30, 2008

Walk-a-Thon Pt. 1

Michael's school is having a "Walk-a-thon" tomorrow! He had to get sponsors to support him and donate money for the cause. It isnt a health cause, but a cause and a pledge to be "drug-free". Each lap Michael walks (which isnt long, there is a little pond next to the school, they are going to walk around it) the sponsors donate the amount they want per lap walked. I am going to be cheering him on! YAY MICHAEL! Also I will be posting pictures of my little walker! This is going to be FUN! The kids are all getting a special shirt too! They also signed red ribbons and a pledge card, pledging to be drug free!

More to come tomorrow after the walk-a-thon!

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Awe aint we cuteee

Awe aint we cuteee

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