Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I have not been posting in a while, I know, I am sorry! Things have been well...hectic. I got rid of my car, got another one, a newer one...Mazda Protege, Hunter Green (I like it).
We also moved! Which is exciting, the place is bigger and so much more nicer then the other place we were in, we have a fireplace, and I always wanted one, I got to decorate it :) I will snap some shots of it a little later.
I am also getting sick...a cold maybe...Sneezing for the first 2 days, running nose, and today (the 3rd day) I just started getting the coughs. I HATE BEING SICK!
So YES I am misrable to say the least, and I want to get this place put into order, Well all MY stuff and Michael's things are put is the other Mike, whose things seem to be laying around everywhere with instructions that I cant touch anything LOL Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Well Hopefully by this weekend it will be put away :)

This weekend (Saturday) I am planning on going to the Grapevine Pumpkin Patch, seems like it will be a blast!

I will have to take tons of pics of that!

Other then moving, we have not really done much, we missed the Texas State Fair...cause we had to save money, and going to the fair was not a smart idea, as far as blowing money was concerned.

Maybe next year, Everyone I spoke to told me how much fun the state fair of Texas is.

Here is a link to it, I will now have to wait til next year to go.

It looks really cool!

Other then that, I have been working...oh Michael started his new school on Monday, he hasnt complained, I think he likes it. He received the 9 weeks words that his new class has been working on and he already has done them, or they are fairly easier then what he was doing at his other school (which is good)!

His teacher and all the office staff seem really nice.

The only thing that boggles me is the fact that their are no buses lol...we live 2 miles from the school, and there are no buses, What if I didnt have a car? How would he get to school? Weird!

Oh well, Talk to you all later!

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