Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Addition!

I have not been on and blogged in a minute, Sorry about that...I have sorta had my hands full...we have a new family member to annouce, Daniel Jacob! He was born October 4th. He was 2 months premature, with low white blood cell counts, he is fine now and growing fast!
I will need to update my blog name from Casey & Michael in Texas to Casey, Michael & Daniel in Texas...Or I was thinking 2 Virginians and a Texan :) hahaha Since Daniel was born in Texas and Michael and I are born in VA...I am still brain storming ideas on the blog name change.

I am back to work, and whew what an adventure, I am up 3 times at night so when I have to get up and get going I am draggin!

I have to get me up, Daniel is already up at this point begging for formula and then I have to fuss with Michael to get him out of bed and ready for school. So our mornings are very eventful as you can imagine.

But I wouldnt trade it for anything in the world. Daniel will be over this hungry all the time hump and maybe momma can get some sleep at night.

I love my boys!

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