Saturday, November 8, 2008

Go to Your Quackin Bathroom!

I have decided to decorate Michael's bathroom...what I wanted to do was make it spiderman or something very boy like, but I was having issues with finding any spiderman things at the stores..true I could have got it off the internet, but oh well, I didnt want to wait for it. I am impatient like that...well I was out and about and shopping finding sales! When I see Shower curtains for $4.99 at Ross! They had a very good assortment of them, and if I had not JUST done my bathroom I would have totally picked something out for me! Well I ended up seeing this cute ducky shower curtain, NOT vinyal but clothe!

I was "ify" because I wasnt sure if the ducky theme was too babyish, but oh well Michael is 6 he can stand for some duckys for some more time. LOL!

Then they had other little ducky accessories too, I got some ceramic ducky shower curtain hangers, a tooth brush holder and a cup holder, you know to rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth...they also had a trash can, and a soap holder but I didnt get those, I will wait...the bathroom will have to be completed slowly LOL

I also got a lite yellow bath rug and towel, I am going to get some light blue towels to put in there also, and see if I cant put ducky stencil on the wall or a boarder trim thing.

But for what I got and did to his bathroom so far, I spent UNDER $30 there is no way I would have been able to do that buying these things at full price, I am pretty proud of myself!

YaY me!

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