Monday, November 17, 2008

New PJ's

While Michael seems to be on this never ending Mario Brothers Kick, we have now become radar detectors for anything Mario related. It doesnt matter where we are, if they have anything Mario we are all over it! We have even made up Mario things, and had it made or something along those lines.

Lets not mention his want for a Super Mario Bedroom, Quilt and all, which I dont think we will EVER find unless we plan on going WAY 80 vintage and spending an arm and a leg, and that isnt happening, he is 6 for crying out loud!

ANYWAY, we were out shopping for winter clothes and low and behold MARIO JACKPOT!

In addition to the Mario shirt they already had (which by the way we HAVE) they have added 3 more designs...and no I didnt get those and will need to go back this weekend. On the plus they ARE LONG SLEEVED!

They also have 2 different designs of a Mario shirt that BLINK! yes they really blink, I am still trying to figure out how you are supposed to wash it...

THEN they have a PJ sets, yeah more then one!

The one he REALLY wanted is the full body suit thing with feet in it...Do they have a name? Footie Pajamas? I dont know - what ever they case we have invested in Footsie PJs.

they also have a cute button flannel type material with matching PJ pants, which is way cute and I think I will pick that up for a Christmas gift.

Then they had the thermal type but they are cotton, and it is a set of 2 of a mario design, he has that one, BUT I saw a different design at Target!

yeah gonna need to invest in those too!

Also for anyone intrested they had the most adorable fleece PJ pants that has Wii all over it!

Yeah GO MARRIO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do I get a tax write off? How about some stock in Nintendo?

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Beth said...

How cute is he!!! Lucky duck. My kids wont wear one piece jammies anymore. They are so cute, I wish the boys would wear them!

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