Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanks Giving '08

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving in Texas...Angie cooked this year and it was some good cookin!

We were joined by Galena's friend Jenny from London, and another set of friend's of John and Galena's and their little girl. But all in all it was a nice time with some good food and some good times, which is what Thanksgiving it about. I was sad at times that I wasnt in VA with my family, but they were in my heart :) I am thankful that my family is here and everyone is doing well, I am thankful for my son, and his health as well as mine and for everyone I know and love and hold dear to my heart.

I stole some pictures Jenny took of the feast LOL so here is what we had, well only SOME of what we ate but it was all good!


Green Beans :)

Sweet Potatoe Pie

Apple Pie

Cajun was SPICY

Mashed Potatoes...with a lot of butter!

Potato Salad

Angie's Homemade Mac and Cheese!!!!!!!!!!


This is Jenny's plate but you get the point LOL

Sweet Potatoes...


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