Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chili's Guiltless Grill Menu!

Yes, I am posting a blog on Chili's Guiltless Menu...GREAT!
They have several items on the menu and they are all less then 750 calories!
I must say the carne Asada Steak is great and it it a pretty good size peice of meat, with some steamed veggies on the side :)
They also have a "Meatless" dish which is a blackbean burger - for those who omit the meat.
I think I will try them all at some point...they also offer a Grilled Salmon or Honey-Mustard Salmon, Chicken Sandwhich and a chicken platter. There is a total of six entrees I believe.
I would have never found out about this Guiltless menu, as I dont venture to Chili's often, and when I do I try to stick with what I know. Being on this diet isnt helping either, I see it pointless to eat out because all the menus I look at have way too many calories or dont have a calorie count at all, and why go to a restraunt and be disappointed?
I joined a while back and I must "Bzz" about it for a moment because this is an awesome site.
They sent me 4 coupons to try this guiltless menu for FREEE! Super cool!

What is Bzzagent you ask?

Well basically it is a site where you give opinions and again that is also FREE, you pay nothing you just sign up and browse.

You are basically known as a "bee" you have status' so the more opinions and the more often you log on to the site the higher your stats are, and the more campaigns you can join.

They have a "Frog Pond" with different websites on it, you go to the websites, look at it browse around and give your honest opinion of it. (that will give you points)

You also get invited to "campaigns" which is basically a company trying to promote a product, i.e.; chili's, they send you a kit in the mail and usually provide products for you to try out and give opinions about and share with friends, family, co-workers ect...

In the past I have got to try and share several things such as, Teddy Ghrams Trail Mix (the sent me 2 boxes), Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner (They sent me a whole bottle and sample wipes to share), Srubbin Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner (yes I got one and it is cool), and many other things as well.

I log in a couple of times a day and I have been able to find out about so really awesome websites I would have never known about if it wasnt for bzzagent.

Okay enough about bzzing...but really a cool site!

Just wanted to share something cool with you all!

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Awe aint we cuteee

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