Thursday, February 26, 2009

Golf Lessons for Michael!

I just signed Michael up for golf! I am super excited to tell him when he gets home from school!He has been asking me for a long time to sign him up, we have signed him up for soccer and basketball...but he didnt seem to like those. Continues to want to play golf...the places I have been looking into seemed a bit pricey or just no luck at all...until today!I called Hank Haney to just check on pricing...they have a beginners Sunday clinic which is 1 hour every Sunday. The lady I spoke to told me that some kids that come into it are naturals, and some it will take a month or so of practicing every Sunday until they get it. It will only cost $20 each Sunday clinic! That isnt bad at all! They then evaluate the kids to see if they are ready to go to the next level (which I forgot the name she called it) on that they start to actually really play and can do competitions. And that upon the evaluation on if he can go to it or not will only be $250 a month!I am praying this is Michael's "thing" since he shows such a strong intrest in it...and wants to pick up a golf club everytime he sees one.I really believe in my heart that Michael's want to play golf may stem from when we lived back in VA and Mike would take Michael and me along when he played golf or went to the driving range. It was something and is something Michael probally rememers doing with Mike.Soccer and basketball isnt something that Michael was ever introduced to before he started the teams he played on.I am praying that Michael actually will enjoy golf and want to look forward to going to his lessons.

I am guessing I will have to go at this golf lesson thing alone...with just Michael and me because after talking to Mike he thinks it is a waist of money - and thinks he can just take Michael out and show him on his own...well I do have some thoughts on that since Mike is always busy doing something else, there is no gaurentee that Mike will always be available to take Michael out and teach him golf...pluse with out being in a club or what ever it is called - how can he join into competitions? I told him well I am going to do it anyway it was just 20 a lesson...and asked him to please come on Sunday which he said - that I cam do what ever I wanted with MY money but not to use his for it and he will THINK about coming on Sunday...I am a bit upset by this...but oh well, if Michael doesnt like it there is no contract that he has to stay in it. It is pay per if he starts to not like it then I just wont take him anymore - simple. Right?

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