Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well today is Valentine's Day and I dont really feel like doing much of anything...Michael had basketball game this morning at 10, which ended at 11am, and they WON! I am waiting on pictures from that game from another parent who was taking them :) Then directly afterwards we had to go to a birthday party for one of Michael's classmates. That was from 11-1 and it was very much fun. They played laser tag so that was cool!
I didnt get an acknowledgement that is was Valentine's Day from Mike, but that was expected - he didnt get me anything for Christmas or my birthday either - oh well, some guys just are not into that stuff I guess.
I did get a yummy cookie from Mike's mom...and I got a hand made valentine from Michael, after he asked me today what I got and I said nothing, he ran to the craft cabinet and got his construction paper, ribbon and crayons out and made me one :) I love him so much!
So I wanted to extend the Valentine's and say Happy Valentine's to everyone! If you did not have anyone to say it to you, or spend it with you, know that even though I have a man here - I spent it with my son, and that is the best Valentine's I could ever ask for :)

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