Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Update! on me

Decided I would blog today :) I have not in a while but that is because nothing really has been going on :(
We have not been any where new...or done anything exciting. But as soon as the weather gets warmer we will for sure.
We did get to go to this restraunt called 'Buca Di Beppo' which is an Italian restraunt - family style. It was really good, and we went to celebrate mom in law's birthday.
I had the chicken with lemon and it was pretty good :) it was the only thing that LOOKED low in calories...I also had a bite of Mike's Ravoli, and a small portion of mom's alfredo :)
I did pretty good as far as not OVER eating there and I only had 1 bite of birthday cake :) YaY me!

I went on a job interview for this HVAC company, a couple Fridays ago...I met with them today and was offered the job! I start March 2nd so I am pretty excited about that as well!

Michael has his class Valentine's Day party this Friday which I volunteered to help - it should be neat, I also said I would help at the christmas party which was a lot of fun to do, so this one should just as fun.

Michael has been doing his basketball - Pactices on Monday nights and games on Saturdays. This last one I believe they ended up being a tie!
Which is really good considering they lost practically every other game LOL Poor lil kids :)
We got Michael's basketball pictures and are waiting for those to come back, I cant wait!
I got some shots of the photo shoot :)
Mike wasnt able to show up to it because of conflicting work schedule, but assistant coach White was there.

We did have an ice storm here - which I also didnt blog about - it was something of a big deal I guess...I mean hey it WAS ice...I have learned that in Texas it isnt a common thing so they are not as used to it as we in VA are...which is totally understandable :)
They also dont treat ice and snow here with the same chemicals as we do, something about the soil here and the water...not to sure about that.
Here are some pictures I took :) I love to see ice forms and snow but DO NOT like to be out in it!

I am trying to think of some other fun things that have been going on - but at this time I can not think of anything else exciting LOL

Hope you enjoyed this long - about nothing really, blog of mine :)

Love ya all!

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