Saturday, January 24, 2009

Talk About Being Passionate in Basketball!

Today was Michael's 2nd basketball game, they had no practice this week...just what ever the kids did with their parents at home.
Michael did get a free throw and got one of the two in! The second bounce off the rim and his team mate put it in the hoop (would have been a 2 pointer but the lady keeping score - something was wrong with her)
Well all the parents were trying to tell the old lady that 1. she had given the 2 points to the WRONG side and 2. that it was to be 3 points not 2 because only 1 went in should have counted as a free throw. The other should have been a 2 pointer.
Well Since all the parents were hackeling the score keeper to change the score to what if should be, the ref, called in 'coach Mike' telling him to handle his crowd.
I guess that heated up 'coach Mike' because he argued the score LOL
It is a CHILD'S game and I dont think the score matters - it isnt like they will go to regionals or the next level or anythhing. The score is more or less just because it is part of the game and no one really CARES who wins or looses, especially at this age, they are in FIRST grade for crying out loud.
Needless to say 'Coach Mike' got the team of FIRST graders a technical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How in the world?

Yeah I have no clue. The parents who were complaining the score was wrong, saw Mike's reaction to get the score corrected started to think Mike was a nut case.
They do like he is passionate but it is JUST a kids game after all.

Mike did own up to his blow up after the game in the car on the way out.

But all in all the score was tied but really the Bears should have won by one point ;)

But who's keeping score anyway LOL

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