Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Missing my Granny (Gladys Virginia Kearns)

The last few days I have been in Virginia, my granny passed away December 30th. Reasons...unsure of to me, but I pray that my family will find out for sure really soon.
Gladys Virginia Kearns was my granny, my son's great granny, my mom's mother...a friend, someone I looked up to, someone who I cared about what she thought and worried what she would think. I didnt want to disappoint her in anyway, and I tried not to, and I know I may have from time to time, but I think she just always wanted to know I was okay, happy and safe.
I called her often but not as much as I should have. If I would have known she was going to pass away, I would have made a way back home to Virginia, but I just keep telling myself - no she will be home soon, she is okay, they will make her better. If I would have known, I would have called her, but momma said they moved her to intensive care and I couldnt call her there.
I planned on coming up in the spring, when the weather was warm so we could sit in the yard, near her little pond she made, and Michael could run around the yard.
I will still plan that trip, I know she wont be there in person with me, but she will be there. I need to be with my granddaddy.
I sure wish we lived near by, Michael has school to finish up here, I have work, but if I could be with my granddaddy I would be there every single day. I have been calling him 3-4 times a day since we have returned from Virginia, I keep thinking I am going to get on his nerves calling so much. I told him, but he said no, the more phone calls he gets the better.
Mom let me take a blanket my granny sewed and I have been sleeping with it. But now I dont want to wear it out, but it smells like her house, and it makes me feel closer to her. 28 with a blankie, but hey I dont care.
I talk to her, I know she is around I can feel her. It is just weird, I keep thinking this is a dream, keep getting an urge to call her house and hear her voice on the other line. But this isnt a dream and I am not going to wake up anytime soon.
All the time when I was staying with my granddaddy I could hear her, and what she would say. I tried to say it but no one listened...I kept saying Granny would have a fit is she saw that, or Granny doesnt like it when you do this, or that.
I do know one thing though...I will never forget my granny, I will always love her, and I will make sure my granddaddy is okay, call him often, visit as much as I can no matter what. Tell everyone I love, that I love them every chance I get.

My gaurdian angel is my granny. I will not say R.I.P. because I do not believe she is resting, she is in heaven with her dad and sister (great granddaddy Seymour and Aunt Jeannie) and they are happy, pain free, looking down on us.

My Uncle Benny has put up a site for her (
http://gladys-kearns.last-memories.com/) , which I have taken this from;

GLADYS V. KEARNS, 65, of Purcellville, Virginia since 1988, died on Tuesday, December 30, 2008 in Leesburg, Virginia. She was formerly of Alexandria, Virginia. Mrs. Kearns was born February 9, 1943 in
Alexandria to Mrs. Ruby Seymour and the late Mr. William Seymour.
She was a member of the Hillsboro United Methodist Church. Mrs. Kearns
is survived by her beloved husband of 47 years, Mr. Ryland Benthall Kearns of Purcellville, VA; her mother, Ruby T. Seymour of Alexandria, VA;
her five children:
Benny Kearns of Kernersville, NC,
Christina Beruete of Alexandria, VA,
Audra Gallagher of Baltimore, MD,
Billy Kearns of LaPlata, MD,
Betty McKillop of Centreville, VA;
her sister, Linda Dodd Searfoss of Alexandria, VA;
her brother, John Henry Seymour of Yale, VA;
her late sister Jeanie Lloyd's husband, Lynwood (Buzzy) Lloyd of Alexandria, VA;
Sixteen grandchildren;

Eight great grandchildren;
Avery Elizabeth (due soon! )
Emma Virginia (due soon! )
One more due soon - unamed!

and many other relatives and friends.
Funeral services were held on Friday, January 2, 2009 at the Hillsboro United Methodist Church in Hillsboro, VA. with Interment in the Hillsboro Cemetery.

Donations in her memory may be made to Hillsboro United Methodist Church, 37216 Charles Town Pike, Purcellville, VA 20132.


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