Monday, December 29, 2008

Another Tooth Gone!

Well it seems that Michael is getting ready to loose yet another tooth! This will be his 3rd tooth to come out. He previously lost his two bottom teeth and now we are working on the 2 front top teeth, this is his left tooth. It is VERY wiggly, on the verge of falling out any MINUTE now. But he is being very careful with it. Not even wanting to eat anything that may force the tooth out.

I tried to convience him to let me pull it out, but he wont come near me :(

Even tried to tell a tiny story and say I was once a dentist at age 14...sadly he didnt buy it and turned around without saying a word and walked out of my room, yet to return.

I ended up making him some chicken noodle soup for dinner and mini pringles, I tried for a half of bolonga sandwhich but that wasnt even touched in fear of a tooth coming out.

Well it looks like it isnt coming out tonight, maybe I am speaking too soon, but at of now 9pm there is not a tooth that has come out of his mouth.

Well looks like I typed too soon because it came out! Michael asked his daddy to help him take it out and have a lost tooth! It was well liked by the tooth fairy as she left $4 for him the next morning :)

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