Saturday, December 20, 2008

What A Busy Day!

Today we had an adventure first we headed out to Miss Tara's house to make some candles, Michael helped out toward the end, after he laid around, watched some of T.V. and attempted to put together the rest of Tara's started puzzle.
After the candles were poured Tara wanted to treat Michael to some ice cream at Gaylord Texan, which was really cool because we had not been there before, it was during the day so we were not able to see the lights, but it was still amazing anyway. We saw a huge gingerbread house, which Michael wanted to eat.

He was lovin the trains there and wanted to take pictures and watch it. I think he could have watched it and took pictures all day if I let him.

After we dropped off Miss Tara we headed to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa!
Michael made a gingerbread man there, played with a remote controlled car/truck and shot a gun :) dont worry it was a laser gun not a real one.

Michael passed out on the way home and slept all the way until a little while ago, it is now 11:40pm! Yeah I think we are in for a long night with a well rested 6 year old LOL!
We had a great day which will lead to another great day tomorrow, because after seeing his major intrest in the trains and both Gaylord and Bass Pro Shop, we are heading to North Park Mall to see the trains there!

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