Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fun Times at Stonebriar Mall and

While shopping on Friday for Christmas with Reese (family member, sorta like a mother in law to me and nana to my son), we went to Stone briar mall in Frisco. There was this thing set up in the middle of the mall where I THOUGHT Santa was sitting LOL - Guess not, anyway...we went to see what the big deal was.
Apparently had some sort of promotional thing going on. You got a ticket for signing up for the site, which by the way was free. We all love that word!
Once you got your ticket, you had to look to see if it was a winner, only so many had VIP on the backs and that means you would win a goodie bag of things.
After you did that you went to either pick to have your hair or make-up done. I picked hair, since I already had on make-up. Reese actually got make-up put on! She never had worn make-up prior to this day! I was impressed.
After you got your make overs, you head around the corner to get interviewed, they give you a fake oscar award, and you sit in a directors chair and get interviewed about "your" movie and who you would like to thank for making it all possiable. The cool thing about that is, if they people at actually LIKE the idea of the movie you just talked about, they will turn it into a real movie!
After you did your interview on your movie, you head over to take pictures with the paparazi! THAT cost money, but then you get to walk the red carpet for free and that picture is free online, which takes four days and I am still waiting to see it LOL!

(Me...I am sorrta a big deal ya know)

(Reese looking all hot with her make-up!)

It was still so much fun! Today, Sunday was the last day they were going to be there, but what a blast!

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