Friday, December 19, 2008

Michael's Class Room Christmas Party!

Today was Michael's class room holiday party. I volunteered my time at the ediable christmas tree station. YUM...(I guess) The kids had 5 stations they were routating.

1. Ediable Christmas Tree Station
(they took sugar cones, covered in green icing and decorated with candy)
2. Reindeer Face Station
(traced feet and hands and made faces of reindeer with google eyes)
3. Gingerbread Man Station
(cut out of sand paper, rubbed cinnamin on it, and decorated)
4. Snack Station
(yum food)
5. Gift Station
(kids wrapped an empty boxes, with a cute poem saying that inside the box was LOVE)
It was fun, and we had some warm up time, but I got it after the first table :) It was fun!

Enjoy these Pictures of Michael and his class mates :)

Take a look at this reindeer food, what a great idea!

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