Saturday, December 13, 2008

Birthday Parties Galore! (Day One)

Well Michael had a busy day today - Me...not so much. He was invited to go to the movies to see Bolt, which his uncle, aunt and cousins. Pretty much before that, we woke up, hit up Sonic for mommy's ice fix and some french toast sticks for him. Got the Saturday paper for some coupons, drove around a bit because he insisted on driving around some more. Then came home, ate lunch and hung out until he left to go to the movies.
I had to rush to the store and pick up birthday gifts. (Yes, giftS...with an S at the end, as in more then one) because we have ANOTHER party to go to tomorrow as well.
We head out to the party, stop by and pick up Michael from his cousin's house, and hit up Peter Piper Pizza. (A place I have not been to before today) I must say the pizza was good, I think better then C.E.C.'s pizza.
Michael had a good time, and dad helped him win ALOT of tickets. I will say that the prize selection isnt as good as some of the other places we have been to. But Michael got a good amount of things and he liked them and that is all that matters.
The birthday boy loved his gift we got him, which was a Spiderman light up shirt and a Spiderman action figure. He also loved the card too, but that was because it had stickers in it! Who doesnt love stickers?
Michael is now knocked out on the couch exhausted from today's activities.
He needs the rest because we have yet another birthday party tomorrow!
ICESKATING at Dr Pepper!
Well it is late and Mommy needs to get some rest as well :)
Good night!

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