Sunday, December 7, 2008

Brown Cow Go Home!

This is entitled 'Brown Cow Go Home' even though it is a bull, for obvious reasons.
Thursday as I am leaving work to go home, I noticed on the side of the street a COW pacing back and forth infront of what appears to be the place in which the cow (bull) lives.
How he got out I have no clue. Now this being weird to me, I call my co-worker on the phone and tell her she has to hurry and come see this cow pacing back and forth on the side of the road. I bust a U turn because to me this is so funny and I wanted a picture ha!
So here it is 'Brown Cow...errr I mean BULL, Go home!'

Tara did call animal control and I headed home, well to Sonic but that is another post for another day, but FYI Sonic puts drugs in their ice!

Anyway, Tara reported that Brown BULL made it up his driveway and is *hopefully* home safe now :)

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