Sunday, December 14, 2008

Birthday Parties Glore! (Day 2)

Today we continued our weekend of parties. We had a 1:30pm party at Dr. Pepper Star Center in Plano for a day of Ice Skating and cake for our friend Preston, who Michael misses dearly!
(Preston's dad and Michael's dad used to work together and are friends, we also used to live in the same neighborhood as them, and Michael was in the same First grade class until we moved.)
Michael never iceskated before today so I was a bit worried about it.

At first Anne and Tim (Preston's parents) said Preston never went either but he looked like he was doing well out there on the ice.

So I let Michael go, he was against the wall for a while and fell a few times, then I went out on the ice to protect him and keep him from commiting ice suicide.

He got brave and didnt need my help anymore LOL

Then Mike (who never ice skated before either) decided he was going to get on the ice as well. He ended up making 2 little friends on the ice who were instructing him how to skate. It was so funny!

Until he fell and one kid rolled over his finger and sliced it. But he was a trooper and was bandaged and back out on the ice in no time! So proud of him for that!

Michael ended up falling and bumping his head pretty bad in the back, we had a crying episode for like 10 minutes but swayed Michael back on the ice and he was fine.
It was time for cake and presents and we shared some yummy chocolate cake! It was good. Then Preston opened his gifts from everyone.
Afterwards we came home and passed out.
I must say I already knew how to skate so I didnt fall :) and I had a really good time!

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