Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Basketball Practice Begins

Monday Michael had his first basketball practice, his first game will be on January 17th. At first he was a bit unsure, because he never played really ever before. He kept saying he didnt know what to do...but once the other kids showed up and of course Daddy is coaching! Practice is 1 hour every monday. One of the other mothers asked if there was a team mother, which I never really thought of, but seeing as Mike is the coach and I am Michael's mom I told her I would call or email her to make arrangements. She seems really nice.
The next morning before we left to go to work and school...Michael told me, "I like basketball, I want to play every day!"
Which I am so super glad because I wanted him to like some sort of sport and if it is basketball so be it!
***I think we found a Sport!!!!!!!!!!*************

Here are some HORRIABLE pics, they are from my phone's camera which isnt good at all for taking great pics.

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Awe aint we cuteee

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